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woman on woman sex

hey, tripp kramer here from and i heard a very sad story recently and i want to share with you, one of my friends here in los angeles told me that him and his very long time girlfriend

woman on woman sex

have had a very poor sexual relationship over the past year and i asked him how often are you guys having sex? and he sadly told me once every two

months. let me tell you if you don't know this, if you haven't been in a relationship before, you haven't been dating a girl before, that is a very very long time. now that's a specific situation if you're in a relationship but i want to go over some of the reasons today why a woman will reject your advances to have sex with you, why a

girl says no to sex and in my buddy's case, a lot of things that i'm going to be going over today, completely applies. let's get into this. there's basically 3 reasons why a woman says no to sex and that's because she doesn't feel safe, she doesn't feel sexy and she doesn't feel seduced. now sexy and seduced kind of go hand in hand, but there is a little

bit of a difference and i'll be going over those differences today. remember this safe, seduced and sexy. those are the 3 things. a woman pretty much needs to feel all three of those things in order for her to want to have sex with you and not just want to have sex but really desire you sexually. a girl needs to feel emotionally safe

with you. what this means is that you are not going to be judging her in terms of if she's putting out, if she's getting sexual with you, if she's a little kinky, if she's a little bit dirtier, you're not going to be judging her for that. she needs to feel safe, she needs to have an opportunity to open up to you. i mean that physically, but i also mean that

emotionally. she needs to have that safe space where she does not feel judged and she doesn't feel like you're going to be looking at her with a bad eye. so that's one thing right, practicing non-judgment. not making a girl feel bad for being sexual, but also i do mean physically safe as well. there's a lot of concerns out there for a woman to make

sure that she's actually safe with the guy. that the guy is not going to hurt her or harm her and i've talked about this in previous videos, but there's the idea of consent, of getting consent from a woman in order to progress further with her sexually because when you get consent she feels safe, she feels more open to because she knows that she's able to say

no and you're going to be okay with it. some practical tips here is make sure you're not making her feel bad for any of her past sexual experiences, don't make her feel bad or don't judge her, don't give her kind of gross look or oh i can't believe you've done that kind of look in terms of how many guys she slept with if she's told you or what she's

done in the past. just be open to it, be non-judgmental and be okay with that. you know, she is a sexual human being just like you so that's one thing and then also like i said consent making sure you're getting the okay from her to move forward and if you do these things she's going to feel more safe with you. okay, let's move on. that's safe. let's go to

her feeling sexy. a big reason why women say no to sex is because they don't feel sexy and this is hard for a guy to understand because we don't feel that way. we come from the gym and we're smelling really bad, our hair is all messed up, we're still going to be in the mood to have sex even though we know we're not really looking

our best. we're wired a little bit differently. but a woman wants to feel sexy. she's having an off day where she's feeling fat or maybe she's on her period and just emotionally she's kind of a mess, she might not be in the mood to have sex. she's not feeling very sexy. she's not feeling sexy physically and she's not feeling sexy emotionally. now if

you're in a relationship and you're watching this, even if you're not you should still be watching this. if you're in a relationship, you should be complimenting her and making her feel sexy, telling her that she's beautiful. in fact, you should be doing that all the time, even when she's not looking her best or feeling her best. compliments go a very

very long way. that's sort of the practical side of how you can make a woman feel sexy. another thing you could do is if you're in a relationship and you want to have a great night out, you want to have some amazing sex what you can be doing is you can tell her to get really dressed up and you can take her out somewhere. you know plan something for

you two, go out and enjoy the evening and basically you're forcing her to put on some beautiful clothes and put on her makeup and look all pretty. get her to feel sexy. and when she feels that way she's going to feel more in the mood to be sexy with you. the third thing completely applies the guys who are in relationships but this is also for you

single guys out here. the third thing is seduction. a woman needs to feel seduced okay. now i know seduction has kind of a negative connotation because it sounds like you're putting her in some sort of trance, but i'm defining this in a whole new way. basically seducing a girl turns her on, makes her feel sexy and makes her feel safe. you're kind of

doing a lot of this at once and this is something you're going to be doing absolutely from the moment you meet a girl, when you first go up to her, first approach her and start a conversation all the way to you guys are in the bedroom together. one thing that i heard that i really really liked was from julian from real social dynamics. he

explains attraction for women in terms of a dial and for a man it's like a switch. so when you see a girl and you're really attracted to her you're pretty much ready to have sex. you don't care if you look sexy, you don't care how you look, you don't care even emotionally how you feel, most the time you're in the mood for sex. unless you're like in a

really bad mood, but you're ready to go when you're ready to go. for a woman it's a little bit different. it's like a dial. she needs to be dialed up, it's not like a switch. she needs to be turned on so it's more of a process. when you're talking to a woman and you're first meeting her, you need to go through the process of seduction and attraction to

get her in the mood to have sex with you and it can happen as quick as that night. and the way you're going to do this is by constantly going up to a girl, approaching her, giving her direct eye contact, speaking in a commanding tone, being able to hold conversation, being able to flirt with her, being able to challenge her and

disqualify her, which means that you're not going to agreeing with everything she says. you're going to be dominant by leading the interaction all the way from the beginning to the bedroom. this is seduction. most guys kind of let the girls take control, you know they kind of ask, oh when should we hang out and what are you free and let's move

around everything for you instead of taking the lead. if you're a guy who's taking the lead, who's going up who's approaching who's getting her number, who's continuing conversation, who's being in charge. this is seduction and if you're in a relationship, this is also what you could be doing. you're going to be leading her to the bedroom, make her feel sexy, you're going

to be kissing her in such a way that's going to make her so turned on, you're going to move slow with her, you're gonna be giving her that deep eye contact. women need to be seduced. like you just learned, it's like a dial. she needs to be turned up. for us, it's pretty quick but for her you need to take your time to seduce her and that process of

seduction is the turn of that dial because she needs to be warmed up and warmed up and then when you do that she is absolutely going to be in the mood for sex. if you want to see this on a more practical level i have a great free video for you called tripp's tension technique and it's a video where i demonstrate on an actual girl how to do

a little technique that turns her on. this is again part of the seduction process so you can get that in the description below. i'll put a little link. it's 100% free and you can watch me do this move that you can do with a girl when she's back at your place or if you're in a relationship pretty much any time. check that out

in the description below. press like if this video helped you and let's talk more about this in the comments below. leave a comment, tell me what you think about this. tell me if this makes sense

woman on woman sex,to you, again we're talking about making a girl feel safe, sexy and seduced and then she will say yes to you in the bedroom. i'll see you on the next video.

woman on woman sex

hey, tripp kramer here from and i heard a very sad story recently and i want to share with you, one of my friends here ...