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girl sexuality

- we're confusing creatures. - women are very confusing, i agree. - and there's like athousand factors that go in. like a man could be tekesima by using hajar jahanam the usual blast in get on http://www.jual-hajarjahanamcair.com however, there's a million factors that go

girl sexuality
into when a woman feels aroused. - [voiceover] and now,ladies answer sexual arousal questons that guys are too afraid to ask. what does it feel like?

- metaphorically, it feels likean itch you have to scratch. - when you're reallyaroused, you get very wet, like, you know? - yeah, it gets real. - like exercise but without hating it. there's sweat and endorphinsand happy, excitement and your heart's racing. - it feels like a vaginatingle on the inside. - or like, (heavenly humming).

- to me like being turned onliterally feels like magic. - [voiceover] what turns you on? - eyebrows. if your eyebrows are on fleek, it's done. - have you see buffy the vampire slayer? (laughing) - good sense of humor. good style. - the relationshipbetween buffy and spike.

- is pretty great. - a nice cock. - i could not like something one day and then love it the next day. - or all of a sudden you'relike totally not into it and then you see a good ankle. - talented at anything. you could be the world's best actor and i'm gonna be just asattracted to you if you're

like the world's wrestling champion. - a lot of times you'relike reading a sexy book or something and then you'rejust enjoying that sexy book, you're not necessarilygonna like finish the book and masturbate. - how does it happen,it happens gradually, like it's not as night and day. it's like a journey. - it doesn't need to hit the high pitch.

- just like mildly horny andyou're just kinda are there and you enjoy it. - [voiceover] how oftendo you get sexually aroused in a day? - i don't get aroused during the work week because i'm too busy. - it depends on how bored i am. - it depends on the day. - some days not at all.

- and then some days, it's all day. - it used to be a lot more,then i started birth control, and i was like, oh, i don't do that thing as much as i used to. i'm like, that's kinda sad. - once a day, two or three times a day. - are you for realsies? i would say five to ten times a day. - a day?

whaaat? - is that, what haveother people been saying? - [voiceover] what do you doif you get aroused in public? - it's not uncomfortablethe same way i feel like it is for guys cause they have to physically hide aboner where we just like, haha, no one knows i'm horny. - it's more just like you feel slightly like an amnesiac like,where'd i park the car?

- for me, i just likecarry it home until i'm at the place where i can. - put it in the spin bankand we save it for later. - i know what that is. - if you kinda just keep it in the back of your head a little bit. - then you're like,i'll bring this up again at a more relevant time. - the spin bank is what you masturbate to.

- ooh. - it's the bank you keep in your head. - we think of that situation when you're aroused?- of people and things. yeah. - [voiceover] is arousalmore mental or physical? - sex is like 90% mentaland like 10% physical. - all in the brain. - a good make out session can turn me on

more than other kinds offoreplay a lot of times. like it's a very mental thing. - yes. - for me, i think likemental or physical either could be activated firstbut i certainly need them both on the same page. - and feeling wanted,feeling like the other person like really wants you. that's like more of the game

than any other physical stimulation. - the right answer for me,at least, is it's 50/50. like a good, a good chat and a good... - a good bod. - a good feel up at the same time, that'll do the trick. - the physical part is themost boring part about it for me which is why ithink guys get so confused and frustrated because they're like,

i'm doing all these cool tricks. and, i'm like, i don't needyou to do a cool trick. like, i don't need, go slow, oh, my god. like, i hate it when a guy'slike, yeah, slow is good

girl sexuality,for like 30 seconds. i'm like, you don't get it. this is a process, it takeslike eight and a half minutes, at least.

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