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girl desires

we've all been there before, there's thisone girl you see around and you really want to tell her your like her, but you don't wantto look like a fool - it's even worse if you have friends in common, and it feels likeeveryone will laugh at you if you get rejected. if you are in this situation right now, thenyou don't realise it yet, but this moment right now is one of the most important momentsof your life so far.

girl desires

why? because the success you have in every partof your life is going to hinge on how you handle decisions ike this one right here! that's right, your entire career, your financialsuccess, the quality of every relationship

in your life, all depend on how you decideto face moments where making your desires known to the world could result in rejectionand potential ridicule. i'm incredibly fortunate to know a lot ofreally successful men and women. they all have very different personalities,but they have one trait in common.. not a single one of them is scared of askingfor what they want, even if they may get laughed at for asking. why? because the more you tell the world whatyou want, the more often the world will give you what you want. sure, you'll also fail a lot more often, buta willingness to fail is what separates the

haves from the have nots. so going back to this girl you have a crushon... you need to stop focusing on whether she'slikely to say she likes you back or not, and you need to stop focusing on if some peoplemay laugh at your rejection, and you must get focused on whether you want to be thekind of man who is scared of asking for what he wants, or the kind of man who refuses tobe ashamed of his own desires. while you're making that decision, guess whichkind of man women find the most sexy? now i have to be honest, if you want to bethe man who is afraid of telling the world about his own desires, then i can't help youand you should stop watching his video and

invest in a lifetime membership to pornhub. so those of you still watching now have decidedto tell her, so i'm going to give you these 3 important pointers. 1) if she's over 21, you have to tell herin person - why? because women under 21 are often still quite shy and insecure and aren'tentirely sure yet how to respond to situations like this. telling her by sms or facebook gives her achance to think about how to respond. however, women over 21 want their men to beconfident enough to voice their desires in person rather than hiding behind a cell phone.

2) tell her in private - don't tell her aboutyour feelings for her in front of other people. this can create a lot of social pressure forher, and make her feel really uncomfortable. find a private moment with just you and her,this way if she does reject you, most women will take the time to talk to you for a whileand make the rejection feel less painful. 3) don't make a huge romantic effort to tellher - don't go buying a bunch of flowers, or take her out to an expensive restaurant. while it might sound like a lovely romanticgesture, consider it from her standpoint - by making a huge gesture, you are creating allthis emotional pressure for her to say yes. this can actually make some women agree togo out with you when they don't really want

to - while it's nice not to get the instantrejection, this will ultimately always end badly for you as her sense of 'buyer's remorse'sets in. right, so with that out of the way, what thebejeus do you actually say to her? well let's keep it simple stupid! tell her what you like about her, and you'dlike to take her out sometime - don't be ambiguous, don't beat around the bush, make it clearand let her respond however she likes. for example .. "hey alexis, you know, every time we've hungaround each other i find myself laughing so much more than i do with anyone else and i'vereally enjoyed it.

i've come to realise that i like you mostthan just a friend and i'd really like to take you out sometime. i'm hoping you feel the same way" it's really that simple. so what kind of man are you going to decideto become today? right now, i want to challenge you to stepup to the plate and tell that girl you really like about your real feelings today! don't hesitate any longer - i promise youthat no matter how she responds, you'll feel better about yourself in 5 days than you doright now.

did you follow through with the challenge?

girl desires,let me know below, i always get super excitedwhen men decide to push their boundaries and tell the world what they want. if you enjoyed this video, be sure to likeit and subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out on my newest content.

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