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female desire

language of desire review sexual psychology of the male mind mom warning this video could be takendown and anytime are you ready to feel what it's like tobe the only one for him

female desire

are you ready for him to put down thecell phone stopped talking about work and really be present with you are youready to be his sexual obsession if you're still watching this it meansthe answer is yes yes yes talk dirty to me he said on

one year and for sorry we were in bed making love ifelt a rush of panic in my chest fear tell me howyou feel he granted again and i felt my mouth godry my heart racing as i panicked and mymind went totally blank what did he want me to say what did hewant me to do finally operate lee i open my mouth andwhispered your penis feels really good silence like a tumbleweed rolling across thestreet in the old west

he didn't ask again he closed his eyeslike he was concentrating and i wondered what he was thinking up iwondered where he went but the worst part happen later thatnight it was a little after two in the morningwhen i woke up and found the bed empty i've always wondered why guys do that or through four oh my track down aretired phone sex expert who played fantasy girl for thousands of men she taught me the power the femininevoice the exact own abortion to a man's mind

and what men are really seekingemotionally when they think they're seeking sex i got my best guy friends fall overdrunk until they finally broke the bro code and told me what they really wanted and what they reallydreamed up ibooks time with a sex therapist all by myself and scribble furious notesas she explained why men can become erotically impotent with women they love and how tokeep it from ever happening to you

i read books and web sites and blogs andinterview college professors about evolutionary psychology and why men arewired the way they are i read smut written for men and studiedexactly why some stories got five star ratings from guys while others i thought were really goodwere ignored and then with all this juggling around in mybrain i started writing i sat down at my laptop and boiledeverything i'd learned it discovered in 233 powerful tricks and techniques thatwould wake up the animal in my man and fix his hungerright on me where it belongs

thumbing through the finished file ifelt the heat to my whole body my cheeks flushed with pride i dun idone what no woman had ever done before i'd created and owners manual form andjust important raja miss out on his mind hisimagination in a few weeks later kevin i wererolling around again smiling having fun he didn't even ask meto talk dirty this time i guess he didn't want to bedisappointed again he was on top of me inside me our faces just inches fromeach other he closed his eyes and i knew he wasmiles and miles away

getting what he craved from hisfantasies because he thought i couldn't give it to you in i took a deep breath and felt terrified like i was jumping off a bridge but isaid it the last mira phrase i discovered a little trickthat forces a man out of his head and right back into the moment byreflecting his secret desires back at him his eyes flew open mic he was justseeing me for the first time he looked deeply into my eyes and i knewhe was right there with me

seen me feeling me listening to my voice and i saw that smile again but this timehe wasn't looking at porn he was only looking at me over the next our i took control of his fantasieswhispered naughty words in it your stroke his ego teased him made him feelpowerful and desired and strong and masculine and in return he opened up and gave meeverything he made dirty amazing wonderful love tome touch me whispered to me asked me aboutmy fantasies

and filled them gave me intense pleasureagain and again that let every cell of my body on fire and let me flushed and exhausted unhappyin a way i never thought i would feel i but you could feel right now howwonderful that was we both couldn't stop giggling andlaughing when we were done we basked in the glow feeling connectedand silly and happy and horny and in love he looked me in the eye andlast where the hell did that come from i just smiled and curled up next to meand hugged me tight and we slept and dream so sounding likethat twisted in the blankets into the

alarm went off the next day i told my best friend michelle all aboutit at lunch she was scandalized and excited as wewere paying the bill she super casually said did you learnanything i can use with rob she said it with the lapd twisting herwedding ring on her finger like an inches tech i wasn't sure at first i'd worked sohard for so long was this really something i wanted toshare she's my best friend how can i say no at midnight i got atext from her in all caps with a huge

smiley emoticon saying oh my god your pavlov's direction beingis genius and really works he didn't know what hit him thank you iguess michelle couldn't keep a secret or maybe people could just see the glowmy sister laura called me up and asked if i to trick for her to try you know just for fun laura was alwayssingle and was always complaining the guyspulled away after a couple dates she said she used the cuddle hormonetechnique i created with the guy while sitting at dinner

she got to work the next day to find ahuge bouquet of flowers and a note begging to take her out again and thenthings got a little crazy i achieve this weird cult status locallyfriends family 22 year old girls toseventy-year-old recent divorce days to my mom who i refuse to talk about anyother stuff started to use my techniques and ravedabout have simple and easy and magical it was to make a man monogamy addict this simple way to take away all these distractions likeyou're suddenly the only woman on the

planet for him somewhere along the way what i wasteaching all these women got the name the language a desire and it kinda stuckbecause that's what it is the secret erotic language the masculinemind which brings us to now my name is felicity keith and no i'm nota stripper or a sexpert or nymphomaniac or anything like thatyou saw me at the supermarket you just see a regular 40 ish slightly overweightsingle mom but that's not what my boyfriend kevinsees at all when he looks at me he sees his lover he could never livewithout even noticed eighteen months ago

i thought we were doomed now i'm aboutunlock this door for you but first there something i desperately need you tounderstand about love and passion and lust in the minds of men because this isn'tjust a power it's a responsibility once you learn how to tease andgloriously torment him and the secret way you'll be able to give him a moreintense pleasurable connected and erotic sexual experience sitting at a table ata restaurant acting completely in

sent as far as everyone around you isconcerned that his ex-girlfriend could no-holds sweating naked weekend and this next thing is important listento me closely you'll be able to do all this withoutever acting are feeling like a slut i know thissounds almost supernatural and i can't wait for you to experiencewhat it feels like to be so totally wanted but this isn't magic its science itschemistry because the dirty wonderful words andphrases you're going to learn have been

psychologically designed to hit themasculine mind like a drug listen imagine if we took a brain scanthe man you want at the moment you look him in the eyesmile and whisper these very special words if you compared it to a brain scan aboutheroin addict at the moment he injected into his main would you be able to tell the differencenot really in both cases you see an explosion dopamine floodinghis brain if you don't know what dopamine it it'sthe pleasure chemical the same chemical

released when you share a passionatekiss with someone you love or cheat on your diet or court onchocolate or win the lottery

female desire,and not hit dopamine is what motivatesevery man and woman and animal on this planet and without even knowing why he's goingto come to you again and again to get his pics

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