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girls sexual desire

welcome back guys, um it's rue aka runic rigel.today we're going to talk about everbody's favorite subject - sex. i haven't done oneof these in awhile. i haven't done a sexual saturday in awhile so i thought hey it's timeto talk about sex again. it's one of my favorite topics so queue the intro. [intro music plays]so today i just kinda wanted to talk about sex drive and a few other topics related towomen with a sex drive. i don't really have

girls sexual desire

notes today. i'm going to kinda be going offthe cuff. so bear with me i will try to keep my thoughts collected and without furtherado let's discuss us some sex. by the way, if you have never been to this channel before.if you are new i would love it if you could give this video a like and subscribe. i wouldlove to have you. it would mean a lot! i do

a sexual video every now and then. i'm veryfree in my discussing about my sexuality and my body. i love discussing women's sexuality.i think it's very important that we be comfortable with our bodies. i love discussing it on behalfof women. i love hearing from other women. if you're a guy that's okay too. i'm gladto have you. so if you don't know i just turned thirty last week and i wanted to kind of talkabout like a high sex drive as it relates to being thirty but the thing about me isthat i have always had a sex drive. i think that's something a little bit difficult toadmit as a woman. and i wanted to talk about my sex drive as a thirty year old. i'm startingto research if women reach their sexual peak at thirty. and i wanted to kind of expandeven more into that because even though i

have a high sex drive now i've actually alwayshad a high sex drive for as long as i can remember. i still think to this day womenare supposed to be cloistered into this realm of virtue. you've got vice, virtue women stillto some degree are expected to have a sense of virtue in order to be respected as individuals.and so i just wanted to come out and say no i have a sex drive, i have always had a sexdrive and it has always been a high sex drive. even as soon as i hit puberty i had a reallyhigh sex drive. i wanted sex, i started being sexually active when i was seventeen yearsand i always felt kind of uncomfortable because in media and tv, in sitcoms the woman wasalways like this cold fish. when i was younger we didn't have stuff like sex and the city.i came from a very sheltered home, a very

christian home, a very conservative home andsex was not really a realm that women women were supposed to control for themselves. itwas for producing a child. it was for pleasing a male. and it wasn't until i got older thati started being really comfortable with myself and my sexuality and who i was. and i thinkthat's really unfortunate that it's very accepted early on for a male to have sex where as ifa woman is exposed to start having sex at a younger age they may be like a social pariah.it's sad that that still happens. so i just think it's really important to talk aboutthat. so one thing i found interesting is that when i decided to do this video i wantedto research if it was true that woman reach their sexual peak when they turn thirty yearsold. because i do find myself increasingly

wanting sex, um feeling very connected tothe act of sex. i have sexual dreams way more frequently than i ever have in my life. andi wanted to research it. is this really science is this a myth that i've always heard? andhonestly i couldn't find a whole lot of conclusive evidence. so a lot of what i read is maybehormonal, it may be also that women just feel extremely comfortable with their bodies atthis age. which i think is true! i think by time you hit thirty years old usually you'restarting to go okay this is my body. this is my body. and you know your body. you knowyour body on a diet. you know your body off a diet. you know your body on the gym. youknow your body on certain foods. you know when your body's gonna start it's period.you know... you know your body. you know what

arouses, you what doesn't and usually aroundthat age. maybe it takes you longer, maybe it takes you sooner. but i just felt thatwas unfortunate that women are not really able to come into their sexuality until theyare in their thirties because they spend the first decade feeling really uncomfortable.and i know as far as between me and my girlfriends, that's something we talk about that it it'staken us awhile to feel comfortable and to go you know what? fuck it! this is what iwanna wear, this is what i wanna do, this is how i wanna be. and kind of take ownershipof that. because it really does feel like if you have a sex drive early on in life itcan really kind of ruin your life as a woman. to me the biggest taboo about sexuality isnot whether or not you want to have sex, not

whether or not you're having sex but whetheror not you're having sex as ethically as possible. meaning - are you using protection? are youbeing responsible? are you being truthful? to me those are the real tenets of a propersexuality. so i guess this is kind of a quick video i just kind of wanted to talk aboutthat as i hit this milestone of thirty. and like i said i hadn't really done a sexualsaturday type of video with you guys in awhile and i wanted to do that. it's one of my favoritethings to talk about. and i guess just to wrap it up too i wanted to say you know ifyou do know some body that has a high sex drive, if you do know some body who's sexuallyactive and they are a woman, especially a young woman i think it's really importantto embrace that as long as they are being

ethical and safe and responsible. i mean it's2016 and i think it's extremely attractive when someone is comfortable with their significantother, being sexual, being happy, being who they are. i think that it's so gratifyingwhen you finally get people and they have their guard down and they're talking to you,actually confiding in you about part of their lives. i think that's great. i think moreand more we need to talk about women's sexuality and like what pleases women and to approachour sexuality in a way that makes us happy not in a way that we are expected to be. sofor me i would say that my sex drive has definitely risen as i've gotten older but it was alwaysthere. and i think sex is important. um, and that's i guess another myth that i wantedto dispel is that women are these cold fish.

they don't think sex is important. and thatis absolutely, in my opinion, not true. there are men that don't think sex is important,there are women that don't think sex is important. that was something i learned in my youth too.some of my girlfriends would be like my boyfriend's not really that sexually active. i think youngermillennials are going to increasingly see this as a problem in their relationships aspeople become more addicted to porn, have more access to porn, take care of it themselves.i have run into that myself. i dated somebody for awhile that had a porn addiction. thatreally affected our relationship because he would rather look at porn than have sex withme. and as somebody with a high sex drive that was not going to happen. i might actuallygo ahead and talk about that in another video.

how porn addiction affected my relationshipin the past, dating some body who was long term addict to porn. so i think that's goingto be something we increasingly see. and i've heard it from my girlfriends where they'vehad issues with people that were addict to porn or they are dating men that are not assexually active as they. eventually we're gonna see this myth that women are these coldfish that don't really marry for sex kind of fade off. and i'm not talking about peoplewith children. i don't have children. i'm not speaking from that perspective. i don'tknow how that effects things so bear with me on that regard. and i tell you guys allthe time i have to talk about my perspective. so i think that's kind of a myth that's beingslowly debunked. and i think it's great it's

being debunked because i think women havea sexuality, i think they have pressure from society that impedes who they are sexuallywhich just isn't okay. that's how i feel about it. that's all i can think to say. i wantedto make this quick video. say hi to you guys. have more than two videos this week sincei'm going out of the country next week and videos might be sporadic but you can bet yourass there's gonna be some cool videos from london, paris, amsterdam. so stick with methere's exciting things happening on this channel. thumbs up if you'd like to see morevideos like this and go ahead and subscribe

girls sexual desire,if you'd like to see more videos like this.i really want to talk more about this subject and let me know in the comments if you guyshave any suggestions. hope you guys have a

great night. i make videos at least twicea week, ever week and i will see you guys next time. mwah! bye guys, i will see youagain soon.

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