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what do women find attractive in men there have been a number of studies on this veryspecific topic is it bearded men it is short men tall men dark handsome men turkish whateverno they didn't address turkish men at all in any of these studies but none the lesswhat they did look at included things like facial hair height whether or not the manis willing to take on some household duties

girls sex desires

what kind of household duties makes a mana attractive verses unattractive lots of interesting things come out from all these different studiesso cosmopolitan actually compiled a list of these things and i thought it was facilitatingto say the least right and so i want us to discuss these because i found a lot of thesestudies or the findings from these studies

to be surprising so one of the things thatwomen tend to find more attractive and this is based on surveys and the respondents saidthe following full bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who protect and invest inoffspring me have beard me protect and offspring that's insane i like some facial hair i liketacos so we have talked about that on the young turks before but there are other thingsso an nyu study found that as far as relationships go the shorter the partner the sweeter thejuice what yeah i don't believe it either dalton conley a sociologist at the universityand abigail weitzman a phd candidate combed through data on 5,000 families culled fromnearly 50 years of research and concluded that vertically challenged that is not theright way to describe them do more housework

are less likely to get divorced and even agreater portion of household income well ok many things first of all sweeter the juiceis a term i object to ok in this context ok second of all yeah all those things happenthey get divorced less but there might be a lot of reasons for that it might be thatthey've trying hard cause they're vertically challenged here's what they found they foundcoloration that doesn't mean much right right but it still think it's interesting that thisthis trend was visible based on it doesn't mean that they are necessarily more desirableand you remember i had that epiphany recently where i finally figured out what women areinto tall guys cause you just realized that yeah yeah and remember your brother's weddingwith your boyfriend right like people like

all my life i've seen like guys good lookingwhatever then there's another guy who's good looking and one guy get's all the attentioni'm like what is it and then knucklehead cenk 45 years later figured out oh that dude istall that's why all the girls are like oh my god sweeter the juice he's also charismaticand well built i'm not talking about your boyfriend please don't bore ok i'm talkingabout in general alright what's next so research has also shown that for a long lasting relationshipit's preferable for the men to be less attractive than the woman so this is fascinating thisis probably the most interesting thing that i read because i was like why why does thewoman have to be more attractive than the man it's because generally speaking rightand and this is not true of all men men tend

to care about looks more than women do rightand so a woman's going to look to things like oh is he smart is he funny he going to bea good husband a good provider blah blah blah right whereas the man's like is she hot andthey care about other things too of course but if a man ends up dating or is marriedto a woman that he perceives to be more attractive than him then he feels like he struck it richright so he's really got to do everything he can to make that relationship work causehe doesn't want to lose her oh interesting so that's the hypothesis behind it i don'tknow whether not whether or not it really holds true but i think it's an interestingthought whereas if he's more attractive than her he's like i mean what's the downside i'llprobably get somebody hotter anyway if this

doesn't work out fascinating fascinating oknone of these things are definitive of course no but it's an interesting we're just tryingto spark a conversation ok finally a professor at the university of alberta surveyed nearly3,000 to find that teenagers who experienced rock relationships with their parents hasmore romantic problems later in life so if you had a turbulent childhood you're likelyto have a turbulent marriage as well the most logical thing i've ever heard because yougrow up thinking that that was the standard relationship so when you have a relationshipof your own that's what you do yeah so i love all this stuff again please take it with agrain of salt but one other study that we did talk about on the young turks in the pasttalked about couples who smoke marijuana together

girls sex desires,

and if couples smoke marijuana together they'reless likely to engage in domestic violence yeah of course cause they're high which apparentlywould be news to bill bratton would be like they're going to kill each other they're goingto have a marijuana war in the house they're going to be fine they're going to chill outand every's going to be good

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